Virtual Consult at Front Door MedSpa®

We offer virtual consultations to serve patients with physical limitations, under COVID restrictions, geographically far away, or in other circumstances where meeting virtually is convenient.

Once you set your appointment, we will call you to confirm the virtual consultation. Afterwards, you will follow the steps and links below to complete your consultation.

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To participate in a virtual consultation, first ensure that Zoom is installed on your device. Your device will need a camera or webcam, as you may be asked to show the part of your body you are inquiring about.

At your scheduled meeting time, make sure you are in a quiet area with a good internet connection.

To begin your meeting at the scheduled time:

  1. Navigate to this webpage on your device with Zoom installed
  2. Click the link below labelled “Theresa’s Zoom Link”
  3. In the browser tab that opens, click the button labeled “Launch Meeting”
  4. Wait briefly to be allowed to join the call.
  5. Alternatively, open your Zoom app and go to the “Home” section.
  6. Click the “Join” button and use Meeting ID: 586 651 2155 to launch the meeting
  7. Wait briefly to be allowed to join the call.

Please fill out the form below to request a virtual consultation. Once this is set up, follow the link below to find the next steps.

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