Giving Back in Rochester, MI

Easterseals MORC Mental Health Fundraiser

Front Door MedSpa® is a proud contributor to the Empowered Luncheon which raised over $80,000 at this mental health centered event. Easterseals MORC is working to change the way the world views and defines disabilities by making profound positive differences in peoples lives every day. Their work and public support raise awareness and make an impact through a multitude of  services for autism, mental illness, substance use disorders and behavioral health challenges. Children, teens, new moms, adults, and seniors as well as their whole families in our communities get help overcoming  barriers to live healthy, happy lives. Easterseals MORC’s work gives HOPE to individuals and their families.

Since 1920 Easterseals MORC has been serving the community by offering life-changing services for individuals with disabilities living in Michigan. Since 96 cents out of every dollar goes to services, it has allowed Easterseals MORC to serve over 21,000 people every year. Easterseals MORC has nearly 20 locations around the state, and they are co-located in nearly 30 schools. Services are available for all ages, all socio-economic levels, in person or via telehealth, therefore limiting the barriers that may prevent people from getting the services they need and deserve. If you would like to donate to Easterseals MORC, click here.

MWTA logo in Rochester, MI

MWTA (Michigan Women’s Tax Association) Scholarship Fund

  • MWTA provides educational and networking opportunities for women in the Michigan tax community, and promotes the full and active participation of women within all tax-related areas in the state. MWTA is a diverse group of CPAs and accountants, tax lawyers, professors, government officials, students, and members of Michigan industry.
  • 100% of the net proceeds from the Wine and Wishes annual event goes to the MWTA Foundation to issue a scholarship for women in tax or finance. Front Door MedSpa® promotes education for women and is a proud annual contributor to Wine and Wishes event.
OPC in Rochester, MI

OPC (Older Persons’ Commission)

The Older Persons’ Commission (OPC) provides something for everyone 50+ with a wide array of personal enrichment, fitness, aquatic, social and travel offerings. OPC also offers supportive senior services such as Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Service, Transportation and more. Residents 50+ of the City of Rochester Hills, City of Rochester and Charter Township of Oakland are automatically members of the 90,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility.

Front Door MedSpa® promotes a high quality of life through-out the aging process and sponsors various events at the OPC. To learn more and get active, check them out here :

PCCA logo

Arts and Apples Festival

The Art & Apples Festival® is a program of Paint Creek Center for the Arts- a regional, nonprofit art center located in downtown Rochester, Michigan- and is the arts organizations annual fundraiser.

PCCA works year-round to advance its mission celebrate and support creativity in our community by providing opportunities for all to learn, create, experience, and appreciate the arts.

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