Comfort Menu in Rochester, MI

Young woman smiling while having her cup of coffee.


Options include coffee, rejuvenating assortments of teas, water and seltzer and naturally flavored water.

spa treatment room in Rochester, MI

Bed Warmers

Ask your provider to turn on your personal bed heater for select services.

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Music / White Noise

Speakers are available in all rooms. Your provider will assist you with connection upon request. Play whatever you like!

Woman with her finger to her lips for "shh"

Request a silent visit

If you would like an appointment with no small talk, or absolute silence, let us know! We know time to yourself is hard to come by, sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Holding a stress ball

Stress Balls

Want a stress ball to squeeze to help you relax? Just ask, we will grab one for you! T-bar distraction devices available.


Knee / Bolster Pillows

Placing a pillow under knees take stress / tension off of your lower back. All available for extra comfort.

Woman putting chapstick on her lips

Extra Aftercare

  • Arnica (to prevent bruising)
  • Elle & Eve lip filler balm (for faster healing / to reduce swelling)
  • Ice Packs for optimal comfort and healing
Skin products - Front Door MedSpa® in Rochester, MI

Medical Grade Skin Care

Products for purchase:

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