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Front Door MedSpa® was founded out of a series of events. Dr. Zmily is an interventional cardiologist and a serial entrepreneur. He diligently worked as a cardiologist at several offices and hospitals, but his main office location is in Troy, MI. There he noted many of his patients reported going up 16-mile road (Big Beaver Road) to get their Botox or other treatments from their plastic surgeons. He thought I need a medspa as my patients want this.

At the same time, Dr. Zmily and his wife, Leen Zabalawi, made a fantastic team with their company Z 2 Real Estate — flipping houses and buying other real estate. Dr. Zmily has a knack for picking good investments, and Leen is an Interior Designer who could expedite a remodel. In 2020, Dr. Zmily purchased the 5000 sq foot building because it was the perfect spot for the medspa. It had been renovated from its past state to function as a dental office, but there was a battle about the historical value of the building, which had largely been residential, and the dentist never opened their practice. To learn more about the history of the building click here .

Leen renovated the building to be luxurious, and the two-story lobby lent itself to an open, light-filled, comfortable space. The building has a lovely large front porch, is handicap accessible, and currently has the original stone basement connected to a new foundational basement. The main level is the spa and has 15 treatment rooms. Front Door MedSpa® has Suburban Vein Center and Premier Cardiovascular Consultants teams here one day a week.

The med spa had a rough beginning. It opened as Luxe Med Spa a week before the Covid 19 shut down and was closed for many months during the non-essential medical shutdowns. With the economy slow to recover, and people slow to re-enter public spaces, especially medical spaces, the spa was slow-building. After two years, with competition growing in the medical spa industry, Dr. Zmily realized he needed to hasten the growth of the business. Thus he decided to join forces with Theresa LaBranche, who has over a decade of experience growing one of the most successful Med Spas in the United States.

As part of her business analysis and how to improve, Theresa realized a rebrand was imperative. Google couldn’t differentiate Luxe Med Spa from five others in the USA, such as Luxe Hooka lounge, Lux nails, lux bar, etc. They came up with a new name, Front Door MedSpa®, which was unique, memorable, and great for SEO marketing. It also had a good theme of “get out front” or “get in front,” as in get in front of your health goals and make yourself feel better overall.

They also invested capital into more equipment for the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Leen taught herself to create content and began regularly posting on social media.  She also expanded the décor throughout the clinical area to create a comfortable treatment area. The whole team pitched in to do every job, from flowers on the porch to working inside. The entire team was cross-trained to answer phones and do check-ins and check-outs.

Theresa realized a rebrand was imperative. Front Door Medspa was chosen for its originality and the solid oak front door with beveled glass is a patient favorite,   but also for the implied meanings.  The name leant itself to a play on words: Through our Front Door you will find….” , or “get our Front of your goals, or “Front and Center” as in our Buns package,  who doesn’t want to be in front or feel like they are ahead?   It is also consistent with the Rochester vibe of history, heritage and understated.  The team also invested capital into more equipment for the most advanced, state of the art technology.  In three short months the business doubled and has been going strong since.

Front Door MedSpa® now offers skin, face, body, and intimate health procedures. They’re a sought-after destination for advanced injectors with decades of experience. They also have a reputation for fixing undesirable results, handling complex cases, and for the unique services they offer for intimate health. Skin tightening, skin resurfacing, scar reduction, acne and rosacea, fat reduction, body contouring, facial enhancement, asymmetry correction, hair restoration, hair removal, varicose veins, spider veins, intimate health treatments for men and women, and more.

If you have read this far, welcome to our community. I’m Theresa LaBranche, and I hope to meet you in person. We’re fun-loving people who embrace diversity and believe in living the life you always wanted. We’re licensed medical providers who follow safety protocols to minimize risk and optimize results. We’re interested in your life and hobbies — as much as you’d like to share. We often share about our fun too, but we offer silent visits if you want a minute of quiet to think and relax.

Overall, most of our patients are journey patients, because as we age, our needs change, and we have so much to offer. We offer annual planning where we help you plan for future treatments. These large packages may have downtime, but we’ll always make sure to address all of your areas of concern. It’s time to get out front and earn an abundance of happiness.

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