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Eliminate Body Fat for More Muscle

Working out and eating right plays a role in lowering your body fat percentage. However, even when you’re healthier, you may still have to deal with stubborn body fat that won’t go away. Fortunately, at Front Door MedSpa™ in Rochester, our Emsculpt Neo technology is designed to shape your body and remove fat while building muscle. Emsculpt Neo is FDA approved to treat the belly, buttocks, upper arms, thighs, and claves!

What Is Emsculpt Neo® Technology

Emsculpt Neo is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that provides patients with simultaneous fat elimination and muscle growth in a combined 30-minute session. This technology is FDA approved and can help sculpt multiple areas of your body. Best of all, it provides other benefits such as firming your skin and improving its appearance.

The Benefits of Emsculpt Neo

Our team of specialists uses Emsculpt Neo at our Rochester, MI, facility to provide patients with a non-invasive option for fat loss. Thanks to this revolutionary treatment, our clients can see a 30 percent decrease in fat and 25 percent of muscle growth.

Other benefits of using Emsculpt Neo include:

  • Eliminate stubborn body fat
  • Build muscle mass while toning skin
  • Skin tightening for a slimmer look

Safety & Efficiency

The best part about our body sculpting technology is that treatment is non-invasive, so you won’t have to worry about surgery. Other aspects of Emsculpt Neo’s include:

  • Treatment is quick
  • Pain-free with no side effects
  • Resume day-to-day activities immediately
  • Effective in multiple areas of the body

While most patients tend to schedule their treatment sessions once a week, there’s no limit on how many you can do or where fat is removed from your body. During your consultation, our team will help develop a treatment plan that works for you.

The Emsculpt Neo Process

Emsculpt Neo works by emitting both high-intensity electromagnetic and radiofrequency energies at the same time, stimulating deep muscle contractions that aren’t possible through typical exercise or workouts. The heat from the treatment works to eliminate stubborn body fat while also strengthening the muscle. That way, you can get similar results that come from dieting. Best of all, the treatment is convenient and completely comfortable.

Emsculpt Neo in Rochester, MI

Frequently Asked Questions

Body Sculpting Without the Hard Work

You’ve worked hard to get the desired results for your body and health. That’s why it can be challenging to deal with stubborn body fat. Front Door MedSpa uses Emsculpt Neo technology to stimulate fat loss while building muscle. Contact our Rochester, MI practice by calling 248-413-5835, texting 248-600-4656, or filling out our convenient online contact form. We predominantly serve Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties as well as patients from as far as the Netherlands!

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