Stop Weighing Yourself! Get a Wellness Discovery Scan Analysis!

InBody composition analysis in Rochester, MI

Have you ever had a body analysis done? Do you know the kind of benefit they could have on your aesthetic treatment plan? We are going to tell you why you should definitely have a full body analysis done at Front Door Medspa! 

What is the InBody Analysis? 

We are excited to offer the InBody Analysis device at Front Door Medspa! Body analysis scans are very helpful tools for our aesthetic specialists because they give them a comprehensive look at where their patient is starting out and allow them to effectively create a custom treatment plan that will cover all of their aesthetic needs. 

The InBody Analysis starts by tracking a patient’s weight and breaks it down to the core components of fat, muscle, and water. This breakdown provides a better glimpse into your overall health and true body weight more so than traditional scales and BMI charts can.  It even tells you basal metabolic rate or how many calories you burn!

What Does the InBody Analysis Tell Us? 

In addition to giving us accurate information about body weight, the InBody Analysis can accurately show changes in fat mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat percentage. The analysis is a great way for our experts to determine what treatments would be best for you and how many treatments you would need to meet your aesthetic goals

Often, when we just look at weight, we often overlook overall body composition. The scale doesn’t take into account the fact that you could have two separate people who are the same gender and weigh the same amount but look completely distinct because their body composition is different. 

Why Get An InBody Analysis? 

Getting a better insight and understanding of your overall wellness and body composition starts with the proper diagnosis. Knowing how your body measures up in analysis will ultimately allow you to receive better results from treatments because your provider will know what treatments you will benefit most from and fit those into your specific treatment plan.  Front Door Medspa is offering hormone replacement and a diet counseling referral for anyone indicated to reach their goals. We don’t just offer a fat reduction treatments we look at the whole body and how it functions too. 

An InBody Analysis is a great place to start as a new client at Front Door Medspa or even if you’ve been coming here for a while, it’s a great way to see where you stand in terms of your aesthetic goals. We’re excited for you to come in and receive yours! 

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