How Summer Popsicles Led to CoolSculpting Elite

You know all about CoolSculpting Elite by now and the amazing fat-freezing power. It can non-invasively freeze and destroy stubborn fat cells and eliminate them permanently. 

You know what CoolSculpting Elite does but do you know how it was discovered? 

Would you ever guess that kids eating popsicles played a big role in its creation? 

The Chilling Discovery 

One day, scientists at Harvard noticed something interesting. When children ate popsicles, dimples appeared on their cheeks. They even had a name for it: popsicle panniculitis. 

Two doctors in particular, Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein took note of this and went on to research more and discovered that in one recorded instance, a woman had ridden a horse naked during cold weather and lost fat on her inner thighs. 

This was incredibly intriguing to them. This correlation between coldness and fat loss. They decided to dig deeper! They discovered through more research that cold temperatures actually kill more fat cells than any other temperature! 

Thus, CoolSculpting Elite was born! 

What Makes CoolSculpting Elite So Cool

CoolSculpting has swept the globe and become one of the most popular treatments for fat loss. Many things about CoolSculpting Elite make it such an appealing treatment to so many including the fact that it’s non-surgical, non-invasive, and requires no downtime! 

CoolSculpting Elite has been proven to reduce 25% of fat in the abdomen after just one treatment! 

No wonder we all love it so much! It’s just the most effective treatment for fat loss! 

Is CoolSculpting Elite Right for You? 

In the past, CoolSculpting Elite has been a treatment the women have mostly gravitated towards but with its amazing track record of fat reduction, more and more we see men interested in receiving CoolSculpting Elite as well and getting incredible results from it. 

If you think you might be interested in CoolSculpting Elite, you could be a great candidate! 

While CoolSculpting Elite is not a “weight loss” treatment, it can contour the body and reduce stubborn fat. We’ve found that it works best on patients who are about 10 pounds away from their goal weight. 

CoolSculpting Elite shows the best results when combined with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise as well. 

So, the time next you see a popsicle, just remember the incredible treatment that became of them and how it reminds us that simple things can lead to major discoveries! 

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