Flash Some Lash with Latisse!

We all know that if you’ve got fabulous eyelashes, it elevates your entire look! We all want long, thick eyelashes that we don’t have to weigh down with layers and layers of mascara. How do we get those lashes, though? Sure, you can wear falsies but it gets so cumbersome applying them every day and the glue can start to irritate your eyes. There are also eyelash extensions but they can be costly, time-consuming, and require a lot of maintenance.

Wouldn’t you like your natural eyelashes too long, thick, and healthy, eliminating the need for fake lashes or extensions? How do you get healthy, beautiful natural lashes? The answer is Latisse at Front Door Medspa!

What is Latisse? 

Latisse is a prescription medication that is used to promote the growth of eyelashes. It is a topical solution that is applied to the eyelashes and it works by increasing the length, and thickness, as well as making your lashes darker in color. Latisse has been FDA Approved since 2008 and has helped countless people restore and enhance their natural lashes.

What Can Latisse Do? 

Latisse extends the length and thickness of your natural lashes by increasing the lash’s growth cycle which means that they will grow longer and thicker than they would without medication as we age. Latisse also darkens the color of the lashes which is great for those that have blonde lashes or just very light-colored lashes that are harder to see without mascara.

Get Ready To Flash Some Lash!

Latisse is a safe and effective way to get naturally longer and thicker lashes! You can say goodbye to shorty, stubby lashes, caked-on mascara, fake lashes, and extensions! With Latisse, you can embrace your natural beauty by enhancing it!

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