CoolSculpting Elite vs ‘Normal’ CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting vs Coolsculpting Elite

Unveiling the Advancements of CoolSculpting Elite

In the realm of body contouring, the CoolSculpting Elite emerges as a powerhouse, representing an enhanced iteration of the original CoolSculpting device. Let’s delve into the notable features that set the CoolSculpting Elite apart.

Exploring CoolSculpting Elite’s Enhanced Design

The CoolSculpting Elite distinguishes itself with a dual-handpiece configuration, a substantial upgrade from the original’s singular handpiece. This innovation significantly expands its coverage area, making it a formidable choice for those seeking comprehensive results. The handpieces of the Elite boast a refined “C” shape, a departure from the original’s “U” shape. This evolution enables the applicator to seamlessly conform to the body’s natural curves, ensuring a more precise and effective treatment.

Moreover, the Elite’s handpieces deliver heightened suction and cooling capabilities, a direct result of their redesigned shape. This enhancement translates to a remarkable 20-25% reduction in fat for the majority of patients, underlining the efficacy of the CoolSculpting Elite.

Unraveling the Comfort Advantage

Why opt for CoolSculpting Elite over its predecessor? Beyond its technological upgrades, numerous patients who have experienced both the original CoolSculpting machine and the Elite attest to the superior comfort offered by the latter. While both devices have yielded positive outcomes, the consensus leans towards the CoolSculpting Elite due to its advancements, promising not just better results but also a more comfortable overall experience.

Facts About the ‘Normal’ CoolSculpting

The original CoolSculpting device contains U-shaped applicators that fit the area of the body that is being treated. The original CoolSculpting device contains just one, singular handpiece applicator which, while still effective, can only treat one area of the body at a time and will need to be moved between cycles to cover the full treatment area. 

This, unfortunately, can cause the treatment to take longer. The U-shaped applicator provides less suction and cooling power which, in turn, averages about 18-20% fat reduction for most patients.

Making the Right Choice with CoolSculpting Elite

For those contemplating body sculpting procedures, the choice between the original CoolSculpting machine and the Elite is pivotal. The technological strides of the CoolSculpting Elite elevate it to a preferred option among individuals seeking optimal results and enhanced comfort. If you’re considering taking the plunge, schedule an appointment with us today to explore whether CoolSculpting Elite aligns with your aesthetic goals. Your journey to a sculpted silhouette awaits!

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