All He Wants For Christmas is Bull Tox™+ Steeyl™

Are you searching for the perfect present for your man this holiday season? Is there a special someone in your life that has been struggling with their confidence due to sexual performance?  All you need to get him this year is some Bull Tox™ and Steeyl™ from Front Door Medspa! 

What is Bull Tox™? 

Bull Tox™ is an amazing treatment that has improved the lives of countless men by restoring their confidence. Bull Tox™ is an injectable treatment of Botox into the penis to increase the appearance of greater length by decreasing the shrinkage reflex. This treatment has also been reported to improve erectile dysfunction by allowing greater blood flow as well as premature ejaculation due to decreased hypersensitivity.   

There are many different over-the-counter and prescription medications for penile enlargement, however, Botox is a safe solution with no risks or side effects, unlike many medications that are out there. Botox, which is typically injected into the face to combat the effects of lines and wrinkles, has also been proven to significantly improve sexual function in both men and women. 

Many men experience shrinkage due to dropping temperatures, stress, nerves, or extreme physical activity. Bull Tox ™ helps to reduce the existence of shrinkage so that men can feel confident and happy with themselves again. 

What is Steeyl™? 

Steeyl™ , also known as penile girth filler, is a treatment that enhances male girth through a hyaluronic acid injectable filler or a blend of longer acting fillers.   Steeyl™ injections help to enhance penile girth for years as these fillers can last a very long time in the body. 

Steeyl™ has been known to help with many different sexual issues including enlargement, sexual performance, confidence, and improved appearance.  The treatment is quick, easy, and the patient can resume normal physical and sexual activity in as little as two weeks following the procedure. 

If you or someone you know struggles with a lack of confidence or sexual function problems, Bull Tox ™ or Steeyl™ could be the best option for you to regain your pep and your happiness! It really is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

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